Dear travelers
of the soul

In the silent darkness of the white canvas, I search for the light that dances in the hidden recesses of my being. My art is an inner journey, a perpetual quest to understand the secrets of the human soul, to give voice to unspeakable emotions.

about me

about me

My brushes are my guides, my colors are my words, and the canvas is the reflection of my inner world. With each brushstroke, I reveal fragments of my own story, a narrative woven from memories, dreams and thoughts that dance in the unconscious. In each painting I create, I invite you to plunge into the depths of beauty. Beauty that lies not only in perfection, but also in the imperfections that make life so precious. I invite you to see the magic in the everyday, the wonder in the ordinary, and the grace in the unexpected.

My Franco-Moroccan heritage is my source of inspiration. It’s the bridge between two worlds, two cultures, two histories that meet and blend in my creation. Moroccan motifs blend with Western modernity, creating a harmonious dance of colors and shapes. My art is a universal language, an invitation to explore the depths of the human soul, to feel emotions that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. I want my work to touch you, to move you, to transport you to distant horizons of thought and sensation. Each of my paintings is a window onto my inner world, a world where beauty and the unconscious meet to create works that celebrate the richness of life.

My art is a never ending quest,
an infinite exploration

and I’m honored to have you join me on this journey. May my works inspire you, question you, and make you feel.
For in these moments of artistic escape, we find the true essence of humanity.

With all my gratitude and love,

Mellouki Chaimaa


Born in Nanterre, France in 1983,
Chaimaa Mellouki lives and works
between Morocco and France.




Bachelor’s degree in public law and political science from Université Paris 10 in Nanterre, France.


Master’s degree in criminology specialized in behavioral and criminal analysis at L’IHECRIM in Paris, France.


Exhibition at the Tennich gallery in Azrou, Morocco.


Exhibition at L’espace Rivage gallery in Rabat, Morocco.

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